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Flüff Magazine


Issue 4, Summer 2024

The Nostalgia Issue


By purchasing the Print issue, you will also receive a free digital copy.


This issue includes editorials by Olesya Parfenyuk, Strictly Fluid & Radek Hewlet, Shlomit Schatzmayr, Tamar Benin, Laurin Keul and Noga Shtainer.

Featured artists: Publisher & Editor Maria Ratzinger and Stylist, Costume Designer and Painter Ali Rabbani.


Flüff is a new publication, featuring artists in the world of fashion & photography. Our style is modern-retro. Real, emotional, nostalgic.


Published: 06/2024

Specs: Standard 8.25" x 10.75"

76 pages, Perfect-bound

Flüff Magazine, Issue 4, Summer 24, Print & Digital

€ 23,20Price
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